New Income Opportunities

With Momail, you can reach out to your clients, wherever they are, either mobile or fixed:

  • Print or mobile coupons
  • E-tickets / m-tickets
  • Leverage best features of the PC and mobile platforms to, for example, enable special offers such as ringtones with an m-ticket
  • Include more information in your message than with SMS or MMS at a fraction of the cost.

Partner Benefits
Full end-to-end solutions
We can provide our partners with a full end-to-end solution for both web and mobile mail, including hosting, development, management, and customer support.
Customized and flexible solutions
Momail can help extend your  solution to the mobile handset, if you have a mail solution already. We value your business, and so we go the extra mile to have Momail customized to incorporate your organization’s look and feel, as well as activate your domain for representation in the email address.
Extra Functionality
Aside from email, Momail can help you upload/download photos and videos, update blog entries, conduct search queries, and even initiate VoIP calls.
Advertising Space
Advertising space is also offered both on Momail’s mobile messaging platform or web interface so that you can reach your customers wherever they are.
Partner Solutions
Basically, there are three ways for you to incorporate Momail’s solution to your business:
Link to Momail
Linking back directly to Momail is the simplest partnership opportunity. You can set up a tracking link in order to report traffic and users to the Momail service.
Basic Co-brand
If you have an average-sized site and want to offer Momail to your users, you can set up a co-branded site to incorporate your brand in the Momail site.
Full Co-brand
For larger partners who want to maintain brand consistency in their service, the look and feel of the Momail offering may also be fully customized, and the said customization will include the email domain.
Enable Mobile Email
You can add Momail easily to your Portal’s offering either as a complete web and mobile offering or as a mobile extension.
Add a New Advertising Channel
You can also use Momail as a smart way to advertise your offers by creating messages that contain offers to your customers.
Build Brand Loyalty
With Momail, you can expand your brand to the mobile world, collecting emails from your other email accounts within the brand.
Use Email for Customer Interaction
With Momail, you can keep in touch with your customers quickly and conveniently, but without the high costs of a regular SMS or MMS.
With sports clubs eager to stay in touch with their dedicated fans, what better way to do this than utilize Momail?
Enable Mobile Email
Just by simply enabling mobile email, sports clubs can provide latest news, team updates, photos, scores, and more.
Make sure that your fans are kept informed by including photos, stats, and the latest news together with any special offers.
Betting and Competitions
Rather than using SMS, sending emails via Momail allows you to save cost and also include more information at the same time.
Send wallpapers, screensavers, e-tickets, mobile tickets, etc. Whatever it is that you want to send to dedicated fans, Momail’s highly optimized technology ensures that such content is maintained to the highest graphic quality.
Pre-game Information
With Momail, any information you send is saved on the handset, so that even if there’s poor data signal, fans can still obtain map and ticket information prior to the game.
Supporter Interactions
With Momail, it doesn’t matter whether you’re sending an email to one person or to a group, because the same amount of data is used regardless. Thus, it’s easier to share the latest news or gossip to a group of fans.
Media Companies
Enable Mobile Email
Again, through Momail, you can send newsletters, special offers, and even invite your readers to become “roaming reporters” so you can gather more tips and pictures of what was happening around.
Brand Extension
Through a customized Momail mobile email offering, you can extend your brand and stay in touch with your readers.
News Feeds
With Momail, your readers will be kept up to date to latest news and gossip, and they can control how and when they want to receive the feeds, either on the PC or on mobile.
Search News
Using Momail’s innovative technology, readers can send a query and receive results within minutes which include texts and photos.