Operators and ISPs

Operators and ISPs

There are many opportunities for mobile operators and ISPs to partner with mobile in providing mobile email and mobile communication services, including the following:

Business Advantages:

  • Full offer including webmail and mobile email gateway
  • Operator can offer mobile email at very low cost
  • A unique marketing opportunity (will get addicted users!)
  • Increase loyalty, minimize churn, increase ARPU
  • Shows partners innovation of new and useful services
  • Mobile email is an perfect “gateway” to get users to use other data services
  • New and future revenue types can be added (new/premium services, ads)
  • Emerging market opportunity offering email to ”anyone” (Momail includes both web mail and mobile email)

Easy and Cost Effective Operations

  • Very easy and fast setup (weeks)
  • No need of hardware, software, installation, operations or maintenance
  • No handling of clients or downloads and works on 1100+ mobiles
  • Minimum of support and maintenance need
  • New features will ”just arrive” (Momail is a server side solution)

Business Model

  • Operator branded mobile email service
  • Hosted by Momail
  • Powered by Momail
  • Setup, branding, integration, domain, training and support

Range of Offers
Today, Momail offers a broad range of email services, and we continuously strive in upgrading our products to further improve the use of mobile email as a communication channel.

  • Mobile and web mail, full package
  • Mobile mail with web mail integration
  • Mobile mail only

Supported Devices
A true leader in the mobile email market, Momail supports over 1400 devices to date. This means that majority of operators and ISP clients will already have a working device ready for Momail’s provision. Additionally, if a handset has an already built-in email client, the need for support and maintenance will be minimized greatly. This means that special downloads, installations, or upgrades will not be necessary when using the Momail service.
Customized Provisioning Package
Momail is committed to provisioning a smooth and easy process for the end-user. Aside from self-provisioning, partners who want a customized provisioning package which may include pre or mass-provisioning, can request for Momail to include that in the setup process on behalf of the operator or ISP partner.