About us

About Us

Momail was founded in 2005 and released its first beta in July 2006. Momail has launched in 14 countries, including the 5 Nordic countries, UK, Poland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, and Montenegro. We have our head office in Stockholm, Sweden and satellites in UK, Spain, Germany, Taiwan, and China.
Momail supports 8 languages, and its patented technology, Mobile Message Optimization and Protection Engine (MMOPE), was developed for mobile email, mobile communication, mobile content delivery and more.
Momail is a registered trademark of Momail and is funded by venture and private capital by Swedish 6th Pension Fund, Bonnier Invest and more.

Business Concept



The mobile email solutions nowadays are struggling with several different problems that prevent consumer adoption and wider use. In order to resolve many of these issues, Momail has developed a system that enables managing of mobile emails that much easier for the individual user. This technological system is known as MMOPE (Mobile Message Optimization and Protection Engine), which is designed to optimise content, minimise bandwidth usage, and protect the user and mobile device.



Momail was founded in 2005 by Roger Grönberg, a developer and entrepreneur with a passion for mobile services. He had envisioned that the world of mobile services will grow dramatically, and had an idea of developing and establishing smart and easy ways to manage mobile communications, making mobile email easier for every individual. After studying the current mobile email services in the market, Grönberg recognized the hurdles and problems which stopped the adoption and wider use of mobile email, and thus the inception of a system that is bound to resolve most, if not all of these issues.
By the end of 2005, MMOPE (Mobile Message Optimization and Protection Engine) was born. In 2006, Grönberg worked with the right persons who helped further develop the great concept.