Welcome to Momail,

Welcome to Momail, your ultimate mobile email solution! If you are looking for a way to receive and manage your emails on the go, you have come to the right place! With Momail, you don’t have to worry about missing important messages because you are away from your computer. Momail makes sure that you will receive your important emails instantly wherever you are.

Many of us rely heavily on emails from clients or other contacts and keep close watch of our inbox 24/7. While many mobile devices have become very efficient in serving as pocket computers, making immediate email access possible, the cost of mobile data is simply very expensive. Thus, you will have to pay a very high price if you want to stay connected on the go. Momail is our easiest and most affordable solution to all your mobile email needs.

What is Momail?

Short for Mobile Email, Momail is your easiest, fastest, and most low-cost mobile email service in today’s market. Momail allows anyone with a mobile device to control, manage, send, and receive emails through their handsets. Receiving an email through Momail is just like receiving a regular text message, wherein you will be instantly notified, so that you can respond quickly just as you would to a regular SMS but without the character limits.

With Momail, you can stay connected to your email and social media networks, anytime and anywhere. You can access your emails from different providers- including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and more, all in one inbox. You can quickly compose mails or reply to them all from your phone, without worrying about expensive data charges at the end of the month.

Why use Momail?

Momail provides an all-in-one solution for all your email and social networking needs. Whether you’re following an auction, a great blog, or simply like to update status and Tweets anytime you want, Momail can be of great benefit to you.

Momail uses sophisticated technology to ensure a smooth flow of messages to your inbox, enabling you to answer emails anytime, anywhere. Not only that, but Momail optimises content to meet the end user’s expectations. Therefore, you’ll never have to miss any photos, docs, or other attachments, because you can access them on your mobile handset and save the original file in your webmail for future viewing.

Momail can also help keep things organized. With Momail, you can access all mails from all of your accounts in one inbox, without having to switch accounts or create a new address. You can easily manage your emails the same way as you would in a webmail, the only difference is that you’re doing it from your phone, which is more convenient. Just like being notified with an SMS, you will be notified when an email comes in, so that you can view it instantly and respond to the sender quickly.

Momail can also keep data costs down. If you don’t engage in heavy online activities and only want to read your emails as soon as you receive them, Momail is an excellent and cheaper alternative to mobile broadband.

Momail for Business

With millions of people around the world owning a mobile device, it goes without saying that the best way to convey your messages is to have them sent to one’s handset. Unfortunately, the cost of SMS is pretty high, especially when you’re trying to advertise your products or services to hundreds or thousands of target consumers.

With Momail, you can utilize a cheaper and yet equally effective form of advertising campaign. Because you are literally sending an email, the cost is so cheap, but still you can rest assured that your message will be read immediately because it goes directly to your customer’s mobile device. This means that you can save both time and money from having to go through a traditional pen and paper or a costly SMS campaign. With Momail, you can stay in touch with your loyal consumers and keep them updated with the latest deals and offerings of your business. Additionally, Momail helps you extend your brand name to many, especially since mobile phones today are widely used to access the internet.